What We Do


AEF – Funding K-3 Music… and More!

Thank you for supporting AEF! With your donations, in the 2014-15 school year, AUSD has hired credentialed music teachers who will visit each and every K-3 class, teaching our kids a grade-appropriate instructional music curriculum that will have them tapping their toes and singing with joy!

What’s more, AEF’s Music & More campaign will provide support funding to our 4-8th grade band and orchestra programs to help pay for instruments, music and supplies. At AUSD’s high schools, (Alhambra, Mark Keppel, San Gabriel, Century/Independence), AEF seeks to  enhance and strengthen the College and Career Counseling programs by adding two additional college/career counseling positions, to help all students in grades 9-12 with their college research, application process, and career counseling opportunities. In addition, AEF will sponsor the new ‘College Field Trip Adventures’ program for interested junior and seniors interested in visiting our local colleges and universities.  These programs will benefit all students, from freshman just starting their adventure to seniors ready to embrace their futures.

What We Do:

AEF raises money from our local parents, community members and businesses annually to support student programs at all 17 AUSD schools. AEF gives funds to the Alhambra Unified School District in July to be used to fund programs for the following school year. Funds are raised through our Annual Appeal, our fabulous and fun “Service to Education” Gala dinner/dance/auction event, the Taste of Alhambra event, and our annual K-8 Summer Academy/Summer High School programs.

Why We Do It: 

Because we understand that the days of a free public education are over, but we want our kids to have a great education. The state of California has drastically cut K-12 education over the past few years, and Districts can no longer afford to fund programs like music, art, performing arts, and technology. We want to support our kids and help provide for their excellence in education. Many people believe that with the good property values in the San Gabriel Valley, and the amount of taxes paid by our residents, that our public schools ought to be flush with money.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Not only do our taxes not fund our schools directly, but our district receives fewer California dollars per student than many other districts. Public school districts are constantly being challenged to provide educational basics and essentials with smaller and smaller budgets from the state.

To read more about how our public schools are funded, click here. 

AEF: Volunteers working for our Schools

AEF’s all-volunteer Board of Directors is focused on raising funds for programs and curriculum that benefit all 17 schools and all students in the District, and providing educational programs and services that the District and the State can’t pay for.  Over the past 21 years, AEF has funded essential and vital programs that have had a significant, positive impact on our students’ education.

Alhambra USD public schools continue to achieve higher and higher test scores, with all three of our traditional high schools achieving the coveted “Silver Award” ranking from U.S. News and World Report.  AEF helps to ensure that Alhambra USD students reach their potential by giving funds donated from parents and community partners to the school district to fund programs and curriculum that have been eliminated or are in danger of being cut. AEF funds strengthen our entire school district and ensure educational excellence for all students. Donations to AEF are tax deductible.

AEF will continue its work to raise funds that help all students from our Alhambra, Monterey Park, Garvey, Rosemead and San Gabriel communities achieve their best by providing funding for K-3 Music instruction (fully funding), funds to strengthen and expand our high school college counseling programs, and support funding for 4-8 band/orchestra — and more.  We know that our parents and community members expect our schools to provide an excellent, not just adequate education and experience. We are fortunate to live in a community that supports a strong education foundation.  Whether your kids are in Kindergarten or in high school, whether you’re a business owner or an AUSD alumni, a donation to AEF is an investment in our children’s education, now and in the future.

Please support AEF and your local PTA/PTSA

AEF and our Alhambra PTA/PTSAs all have the same goal: to enrich and improve the educational opportunities available to our students. We encourage you to give generously to AEF, and also join and support your childrens’ school PTA organizations. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of all Alhambra USD students.  Thank you for your support of AEF and our students!